02 December 2011

friday (jewelry & zen)

old navy button-down   handmade (by me) skirt
merona belt {thrifted new}   mossimo odell ruffle flats

today there was a jewelry show put on by a staff member and her daughter in the building where i used to work {we moved offices yesterday}, and it was so fun to shop around for handmade jewelry with my coworkers, who are all pretty fashionable ladies in their own rights.  we all ended up getting a couple necklaces or earrings, and i was surprised when my coworker, who i now share an office solely with, commented that a pair of earrings i wore the other day would match one of the necklaces that i purchased really well.  i think i first & foremost get dressed for myself--i love putting together outfits that are coordinated and appropriate for my age and place of employment and that make me feel confident... but it's nice when others take note of what you wear too and recognize the thought you put into your outfit with a compliment or comment.  both my boss and coworker commented on this skirt today, which yes, is one of the fifteen that i've made.  they come to expect it now, that whenever heidi is wearing a skirt it's probably one she's made.  but i appreciate that, and i appreciate others who put hard work into making things as well.  that's why i don't mind spending a little extra money on something that is local or handmade, even if i think i could find something similar on the clearance rack at kohl's or for cheaper at forever21.  here's a glimpse at the necklaces that i bought from the jewelry show today...
my coworker and i took a trip to target this morning to buy lamps and a water fountain feature for our office since we are in the basement {it's actually the "-1" floor, but we are slowly turning it into the zen floor!}.  this is a tiny corner of our office, maybe i will have to share more of it some other time.  have a great weekend!

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