01 December 2011

thursday (moving day!)

ann taylor loft blouse {thrifted}   merona artist cardigan {thrifted target stock}
old navy diva skinny jeans   american eagle myles riding boots

i did indeed wear this to work today in the middle of the week.  my office moved offices today, so we were allowed to wear jeans... i didn't think it would be that necessary, as a moving company picked up our plastic crates of belongings and brought them to our new office, which was literally to the building behind us... but it was fun to be a bit more casual today!  i'm glad i was wearing jeans as well when i found myself crawling underneath my new desk moving around cords to phones and computers.  i'm pretty blessed to have the career that i do and that it's continuing to grow and afford me new opportunities and experiences.  it's a wonderful feeling to love what you do so much.  have a wonderful evening!!

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