15 December 2011

thursday (discomfort)

merona artist cardigan {thrifted target stock}   old navy ruffle blouse
mossimo slacks {thrifted}   target necklace   blowfish blyth booties

i've been sitting with a lot of discomfort all afternoon - so if i don't look super enthused, that's why.  i've been communicating with a caregiver about the program i work for and the care coordination we provide seniors in our area.  she is interested in this for her mother, who is currently in transition.  i've had several phone calls with the daughter and have started to create a rapport with her, and we agreed to wait until her mother transitioned home before my coming out and completing our assessment with her to further identify her strengths & needs.  unfortunately, i am going to be out of town next week when the family would likely wish this assessment to take place.  nonetheless, it seemed really out of the blue to me when my boss decided to transfer this case to my coworker, who has received the last five new intakes.  she is older and has more experience in our field, but i feel that i need to gain that experience just as much... and it's difficult when i am not given the opportunity to do so with our new clients.  

i'm the type of person who has to mull certain things over and collect my thoughts before i feel ready to express it verbally, but i think i need to talk to my boss about this tomorrow.  i've also been telling myself that maybe there's another reason why my coworker needs to move forward with this case instead of i.  as a new (and young looking) social worker, i am really cognizant about how i present myself with the hope that i come across professional and competent - through my dress, my words, and my actions, but i still experience feelings of inadequacy.  i hope this is a universal experience others can relate to!  i am just praying that everything works out for the best, and maybe the next inquiry to come to our organization will be a client better suited to work with me & i just need to wait for it.  well, i am going to leave with that hope.  have a good evening, and thanks to anyone who read this!

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