14 December 2011

wednesday (misses)

gap sweater   handmade (by me) skirt
target necklace   banana republic tiona heels {thrifted}
i know i gushed about these shoes this morning {check out that post here if you missed it}, but i think they will unfortunately be resigned as my no-home-visits-sitting-at-my-desk-all-day-shoes.  yeah, ouch.  the walk to my building is a bit longer than it used to be since we moved offices a couple weeks ago, not to mention i had a meeting off site, so that equaled lots of walking... in the rain... and lots of walking & going up and down stairs this afternoon in my building.  thank goodness i have a pretty private office and could kick these babies off (gently) when i got back to my desk.
oh!  and i made this skirt a couple weeks ago, but its debut was pushed back since last week was pants week... but i am not sure how i feel about it.  this is my favorite shade of green, but i think i made it a little too short for my comfort.  if anyone might be interested in a hand-me-down hand-made skirt, you might be seeing a giveaway for it sometime soon.  i'm not too bummed, though, as i can always make more skirts.  see exhibit A below of the mounds of fabric i scored yesterday at the goodwill for a whopping $7.50.  each piece was $1.49!

{navy with print / brown plaid / light blue / coral pink / cream}

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