08 December 2011

thursday (pants: take four)

 cherokee girls denim shirt {thrifted target stock}   old navy sweater
merona doubleweave slacks {thrifted target stock}   mossimo kat booties
handmade necklace {from jewelry show}
forgive my regression back into wearing these black slacks during my exciting pants week.  i had another pair on, but they just didn't look quite right.  i think i've learned this week that slacks don't necessarily equal  boring though, and i'm looking forward to continuing to incorporate them into my business-casual wardrobe.  

tomorrow evening i'm headed to a wedding, so i'll try to post a picture of what i end up wearing.  i can literally count the number of weddings i've been to on one hand, including those in which my twin sister & i were cute flower girls when we were little.  needless to say... i don't know what to wear!  there isn't going to be a proper dinner after the ceremony, just a dessert buffet, so i am thinking it will be more casual & laid back.  this is what i am thinking about wearing, but it doesn't really say "i'm going to a wedding!" because i would wear this to work!  is that okay?  i'm open for suggestions!

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