12 December 2011

monday (dullsville)

coldwater creek turtleneck sweater {thrifted}   mossimo slacks {thrifted target stock}
blowfish blyth booties   handmade necklace {from jewelry show}
i know what you're thinking, it's okay:  this outfit is dullsville.  i felt that way too, but it feels like it's been so long since i've posted that i had to throw this up.  i haven't quite gotten into a rhythm of what/when to post on the weekends.  so, now that we're here let's talk about this dull outfit.  for some reason, i lose all creativity in getting dressed when i know i have a home visit with a client of a different culture, just because i feel i need to dress down, more modestly, and in shoes that are easily removable at the front door.  unfortunately, as soon as i pulled up to the visit i had today, i got a call from my interpreter cancelling.  so, you'll probably see me in something as equally as dull later this week when my home visit is rescheduled.

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