13 December 2011

tuesday (rosy olive)

fossil button-up   merona artist cardigan {thrifted target stock}
handmade (by me) skirt   merona belt {thrifted target stock}
handmade (by me) necklace   american eagle myles riding boots

question:  do olive green & dusty rose "go together?"  i tried on about thirteen different outfits this morning, which sucked up way too much time out of my morning routine, so i finally settled on this so i could get out the door.  really, i just wanted to wear these two donated target stock items that i found at the goodwill this weekend immediately.  i am such a sucker for merona cardigans - the colors, prints, and embellishments - and i love finding them at the goodwill.  to hear about another gem of a gem that i found at the goodwill this weekend, check back tomorrow!! 

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