28 December 2011

wednesday (bubblegum)

old navy perfect cardigan & turtleneck   handmade (by me) skirt
mossimo kachiri boots   loft necklace (giveaway win)
this is definitely the pinkest shirt i have ever owned.  i used to shy away from a lot of colors (red, pink, orange, yellow) just because they never appealed to me, but variations of the shades are slowly working their way into my closet, even if just as an accessory.  sometimes it's nice to be the brightest dressed person at work--at least i cheer myself up!  and hopefully others too.   speaking of work, my office is in the basement of a beautiful building, so unless i purposefully go upstairs hours pass and i have no idea what is going on in the world outside.  since i basically worked through lunch today at my desk, i made it a point to go outside and take a walk today and was pleasantly surprised by the beautifully sunny & relatively cool day.  it was so refreshing.  hopefully i can make it a point to do the same tomorrow!  have a nice evening!

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