27 January 2012

friday (week in review)

before i started this blog, i took pictures of my outfits each day and at the end of the week put them side by side in one photo document.  i really liked being able to see all of my outfits from the week side by side and it made it easier to flip through the photos for inspiration or reminders of outfits i liked.  some of the outfits i wear don't get posted (mostly fridays... the web kind of shuts down on fridays!) so i thought this might be a fun idea to try.

my favorite outfit this week was tuesday, my least favorite was friday... i just can't do casual fridays!  i was in a workshop/retreat all day so i wore my organization's fleece vest.  did you have a favorite this week?

next week:  weather permitting, i am going to give my beloved blowfish booties a rest.  i wear them so often because they are easy to walk in on slippery or snowy sidewalks & keep my feet warm, but i think i wear them too much so i am going to challenge myself to wear some different footwear!

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