26 January 2012

thursday (pea soup)


merona olive artist caridgan {thrifted target stock}   old navy white button-down
handmade (by me) skirt   lela rose for payless wells lazer cut pumps
i just wore their twin last week, but i couldn't wait to wear these heels any longer.  even though they're a half size too big... i'm in love with them.  i have kleenex jammed in the toe and heel pads in the back (which really aren't doing much), oh the things we do for fashionable footwear!  also, i have to say that this outfit looked a lot different in my mind and i felt a lot better in it, but it looks like a drab pea soup.  maybe because i was originally wearing a different skirt with it.  oh well, what are ya gonna do?  have a good evening!

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