23 January 2012

monday (snow)

this morning i experienced a 7am commute to work with pitch black skies, roads covered in snow, flakes falling from the sky, and freezing rain smearing my windshield with icy splotches.  it was terrifying.  but i knew i just had to keep going.  i couldn't pull off on an exit... i drive the same route every single day and know that there is no good exit off of the highway that would grant me a reprieve from the conditions.  i knew i couldn't pull off onto the side of the road either and turn on my hazard lights, that would be even worse.  i just had to search the road for the path the tires before me had made, go slow, and pray.  i hate to admit that even that was hard for me.  when i reached a point when i thought my heart would surely beat out of my chest from anxiety, i most wanted to call my mom, i wanted to call my sister, the people who bring me relief and calm me down when i am worried or in an anxious situation.  but i realized the only person i could call was god.  he should have been the first person that i turned to, because i should know by now that he always delivers me safely where i need to go... and yep, i got there this morning.  i was terrified at the start of my commute but exhilarated by the end of it, just because i believe so strongly that there was something else guiding me to my destination on this snowy, wintery minnesota day.

wishing you all nothing but safety and peace tonight.  thanks for reading.

(picture from an equally snowy commute in 2009... don't worry, i don't take pictures while i'm driving in the snow anymore!)

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