24 January 2012

tuesday (my thing)

old navy v-neck sweater   banana republic skirt {thrifted}
merona belt {thrifted target stock}   mossimo wanda wedges

my two coworkers and i were visiting after a meeting today we had with another colleague who always accessories with very distinctive earrings.  it got us to questioning what our "thing" is in terms of fashion or appearance.  one of my coworkers said that i always wear cute handmade skirts and that i have cute shoes.  what a compliment!  is it true?  i'm not sure, some of the skirts i make are misses and i always wear the same shoes over & over (although i did pick up this pair and another pair at target the other day on mega clearance!) but i thought it was nice that they noticed things that they think are very "me."  do you think you have a distinctive or identifiable aspect to your appearance, or do you wish that you did?  i wish i could think of better ways to style my hair each day or that i could keep up with polishing my nails... good things to remember when i have some down time and want to devote a little extra time to "me!"

ps:  the inspiration for my outfit today is kelley at threads & buttons.  i only wish my scarf was longer and i could have tied it like hers, isn't that magenta & khaki such a great color combination?  i've already copied one look from her, hopefully she doesn't start charging!

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