31 January 2012

tuesday (i've never...)

handmade (by me) blouse   merona artist cardigan
american eagle skirt {thrifted}   old navy bauble flats
merona belt {thrifted target stock}
isn't there a drinking game called "i've never..."?  i've never played it before, but if i were to my first statement (after that one) would be, "i've never taken anything to the dry cleaners before."  i imagine that statement would get everyone else drinking because really, am i the only person in the world who has never brought clothes to the dry cleaners before?  well, i bought a crowd cut (it's like a local groupon) today for a dry cleaners near my work that doesn't expire until july with the aim of bringing in a couple of my winter coats to be dry cleaned at the end of this season.  so, now i need some help from you:  what should i expect when i bring my coats in to be dry cleaned?  how long does it typically take?  do you have any idea how much it might cost and if this groupon was worth it?  should i call ahead to make sure they'll even clean a coat?  have i thought of every possible question to ask, or is there anything else i should know about going to the dry cleaners?  do you think it is totally gross that i wore that thrifted blazer yesterday and didn't get it dry cleaned first?  is there anything you haven't done that you're sure everyone else in the world has that you want to share with me to make me feel better?  i need a lot of help, don't i?

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