04 January 2012

wednesday (someone else)

mossimo ultra soft cardigan
isaac mizrahi for target skirt {thrifted}
mossimo virginia pumps {thrifted target stock}
there is something about navy & maroon being paired together that comes across very much like a uniform to me... like i could be a flight attendant or a private school student (if i had a crest of some sort on the lapel of my cardigan and oxford shoes) or in a music video in the late 1990s.  remember when all of the hip hoppers had the synchronized dancers behind them and they all wore matching outfits, like white tee shirts and khaki pants?  that's gotta be a mya video or something.  maybe they still do that, but i don't know how i would find out.  does mtv or vh1 even show music videos anymore?  these are all things i need to look into for the days when i just don't feel like being a social worker, but thankfully right now that's working out well for me!

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