17 February 2012

friday (juliet, juliet)

merona essential cardigan {thrifted target stock}   handmade (by me) skirt
old navy blouse   target belt {thrifted target stock} mossimo wanda wedges
my coworker and i met our boss for lunch today, but she was running late so we browsed around a consignment store next door while we waited for her.  i saw quite a bit of donated target stock {the brand name like "merona" is always marked through with a sharpie} from the goodwill and found it really interesting that someone out there is buying donated target stock from the goodwill and trying to get something for it at a consignment shop!  or that's what i assume anyway, since many of the merona pieces i saw i see at goodwill all the time.

i also saw these j crew juliet heels priced at $23 (originally $198!).  i mulled them over while my coworker and i waited for our boss to arrive, all through lunch, and then went back and tried them on again after lunch.  i was thisclose to buying them but the yellow was REALLY bright and they looked silly with my brown tights (and would probably look silly with any color tights except maybe navy?).  i've never tried on or purchased j crew shoes before but man oh man, these were so comfortable and in great condition.  any other color and they would have come home with me... but bright yellow?  bummer.  i'm glad i decided they just didn't have a place in my closet despite how beautiful they were.  maybe one day i will wear j crew shoes on my feet, just not today.  have a great weekend!

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