16 February 2012

thursday (thrifted)

gap shell {thrifted}   merona artist cardigan {thrifted target stock}
j crew abstract lattice print skirt {thrifted}   mossimo varana shooties {thrifted target stock}
dkny tights {thrifted nwt}   handmade necklace {from jewelry show}

thrifted, thrifted, thrifted - what does that mean to me?  lately i've been drawn to ensure my presence with this blog focuses more on sharing my beliefs behind thrifting & sewing & shopping smartly.  i hope that when people glance at my outfits and the tags i put behind my clothing items that they see that there is potential in shopping second-hand and on the clearance racks with coupons and dusting off a sewing machine you've never used before and learning how to make skirts in any color or print of your choosing.  i follow so many blogs that i can easily become inundated with seeing too many "c/o" tags and "want lists" and dressing room reviews and i wonder who out there is getting dressed out of their own closets or if people have packages piled high on their doorstep every other day of new stuff.  i hope that my readers see something different here and that it comes across that i like being a different type of consumer & shopper.  for some reason, this all came to me when i put this outfit on this morning.  hopefully these disjointed thoughts will reach someone out there, and of course if you have anything to share i welcome hearing it!  have a nice evening!

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