14 February 2012

tuesday (valentiney)

merona marigold cardigan {thrifted target stock}   old navy blouse
handmade (by me) skirt   merona mattie cap-toe flats {thrifted target stock}

i tried really hard to wear an outfit worthy of valentine's day despite it being any other old day for me... i really did.  but i experience this odd dichotomy of feelings whenever a mainstream holiday rolls around with its own color scheme.  do i purposely dress in those colors to match the holiday {it always makes me feel corny!} or do i ignore it completely and come across as a scrooge?  i figured i could handle being a little corny today since i just sat in front of my desk in my basement office for the first part of the day and worked the rest of the day from home after an early afternoon meeting.  how do you feel about dressing for a holiday?

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