22 February 2012

wednesday (the reasons)


old navy blazer {thrifted}   merona shell {thrifted target stock}
merona slacks {thrifted target stock}   mossimo kat booties

i have the greatest colleague who always compliments my outfits, even when i am wearing something as simple and basic as this:  black slacks & a blazer.  what i wear to work is dictated by who i see, the type of client i might be visiting, and the culture of their environment.  what she wears is also guided by the same principles, but we have very different jobs and interact with our clients in very different ways.  i'm often seen as the "expert" in navigating state programs and health insurance plans; people put trust in me because i have the power to approve services or connect them to needed resources.  i feel a lot of responsibility to exude that  competency and professionalism when i meet with my clients face-to-face.  when you see me in outfits like this it's pretty easy to figure out what was on my schedule for the day, but it's something i can always count on working for me.  with all that in mind, where is the "me" in this outfit?  it's there in the fitted blazer, the pop of color, and the accessories.  and i save my more casual outfits or printed skirts or open-toed shoes when i am sitting at my desk in the office all day making phone calls and charting.  getting dressed is so complex, yet interesting, isn't it?  is it like this for you as well?

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