23 February 2012

thursday (repeat)

 old navy v-neck sweater   j crew striped button-down {thrifted}
banana republic martin fit slacks {thrifted}   mossimo virginia heels {thrifted target stock}

i had another day today as i did yesterday, so enter client uniform again.  i really enjoyed reading what a few of you shared with me in yesterday's post about how you dress for your different work days, i like knowing that there are a lot of us who aren't just throwing on an outfit to make a good blog post or highlight on "on trend" item but for what our day requires us to be doing.

this has felt like an awkwardly long week for me so far, with so much going on and so few resolutions.  i guess that's the nature of my job, though... we're always working on something and sometimes there's only a short period of stability until a major event happens that needs to be managed.  it keeps me on my toes, though.  have a great rest of the week!

edit:  at first i titled this post WEDNESDAY and in viewing my blog after publishing the post i realized... wait.  it can't be wednesday, this is the fourth time i've posted this week.  i guess i can retract my earlier statement and now exclaim, tomorrow is friday!  yay!

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