06 March 2012

tuesday (frustrated)

merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   gap ruffle placket shirt {thrifted}
old navy full skirt   xhilaration rosette ballet flats {thrifted target stock}

i had such a frustrating time getting dressed this morning.  frustrating as in liking this outfit but worrying about the hemline {thankfully my boss came into work wearing a dress with a hemline at least three inches shorter than mine, but she doesn't often wear skirts or dresses so i can't always count on her to be my hemline barometer} and proceeding to go through every outfit i picked out on sunday and had hanging on the back of my door until they all wound up in a messy pile on my bed and i settled back on this outfit.  i hate mornings like that.  i wake up with plenty of time to do what i need to do before i need to get out the door to work, yet it is seriously anxiety-provoking when i feel that i need to tweak or completely change my outfit.  that's how it felt this morning... so i just settled on this.  the process that went into selecting it definitely took the joy out of getting dressed this morning and appreciating the little details of the rich magenta/plum color of the cardigan and ruffle detailing on the blouse.  needless to say, i am signing off and i am going to make sure i have something ready to wear tomorrow and hope that i can do a little better getting dressed in the morning! have a good evening!

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