07 March 2012

wednesday (refashioned)

xhilaration juniors dress (turned skirt by me) {thrifted target stock}
merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}  merona meaghan flats

does it count as a refashion if you just turn an inappropriate juniors dress into a cute skirt by chopping off the top and putting in a waistband?  this was my little project this weekend.  i immediately saw potential in the fabric of this dress and it was a pretty easy sewing job to take in the sides a bit and create an elastic waistband.  voila! a new skirt for $4.99.  i debated about it the entire hour i was at the goodwill on sunday, but i'm glad i ended up getting it as i really love the watercolor effect and the muted tones, and i think it turned into a pretty cute skirt.  here's the original dress:

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