13 April 2012

friday (!)

merona essential cardigan {thrifted target stock}   loft rose print shell {thrifted}
banana republic skirt {thrifted}   merona mari faux crocodile pumps
this outfit is so me.  i feel obligated to talk about how much i love this skirt whenever i wear it.  it instantly turns a couple pieces of clothes into an outfit.  i think that navy is my go-to neutral and i'm sure one of these days it will surpass my trusty black pencil skirt in number of wears.
i found this loft shell at my second favorite goodwill (yep, they're ranked) on wednesday when i was in that area for a home visit with a client.  there were no sales that day, but when i saw this shell, a banana republic blouse, and an h&m blouse, i snatched all three up.  i used to be really strict with myself and only buy clothing at the GW if it was marked with the correct color tag that was on sale that day, but i knew i would have regretted it if i had left this blouse.  i have a feeling that the same person donated all of the items that i purchased.  it's fun when you hit the thrift stores on the right days!
have a GREAT weekend!

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