12 April 2012

thursday (bold)

 old navy v-neck sweater   j crew chiffon ruffle blouse {thrifted}
handmade (by me) skirt   merona mattie cap-toe flats {thrifted target stock}

i've had the fabric i made this skirt out of lying around for a while and finally cut it and made it into a skirt this past weekend.  i've gotten lazy and have stopped putting pockets in my last few skirts too, so it was even more easy.  i'm so used to tearing my fabric to the size i want that when fabric isn't "tearable" i ignore it for a while.  thankfully my aunt has loaned/gifted me a rotary cutter and mat and i think i cut pretty straight lines?  just don't look too closely at the hem!  i love the tealish green color of this skirt though and so i had to pair it with some other bold colors.  i think it all goes well together.  my coworker complimented me on the colors, so that's always a nice affirmation when i look around at all the other ladies around me who are always wearing black.  let's dress in more color!  :)  have a good evening!

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