10 April 2012

tuesday (pastels)

old navy faceted button cardigan {thrifted}
handmade {by me} skirt   banana republic tiona heels {thrifted}

happy day of pastels!  and a big thanks to ebew for helping me get dressed one day a month!

this is odd, but i didn't realize until looking at these pictures that the fabric i made this skirt of has a predominant paisley swirl.  that part of the print never jumped out at me while i was making it or when i looked down at my lap today or at myself in the mirror.  isn't that odd, how sometimes you can be drawn to one part of something (for me it was the actual colors in this fabric) and not be able to see it as a whole until some time later?  yet another reason why taking pictures of yourself every day can lead to so many insights... thank goodness i kind of still like this fabric (and i have a mauvey colored cardigan that will match the swirl!).  thanks for dropping by!

Image 4554

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