09 April 2012

monday (hey batter)

minnesota twins t-shirt {from target, where else?}   old navy diva trouser jeans
merona marigold cardigan {thrifted target stock}   mossimo kat booties

there isn't an established "casual friday" dress code at my workplace but sometimes fun days like this come along when we're allowed to dress down a little bit!  today was the home opener for twins baseball, so staff was allowed to wear twins t-shirts.  now, how i didn't own one already is beyond me but i snatched this one up at target to wear to work today and to the games that i'm going to later in the season.  

i knew i wanted to participate in this fun "dress down" day, but i struggled with how i was going to pull off a t-shirt at work.  but then i just did what i pretty much do any other day - threw a cardigan over it and went for it.  i also took some advice from my friend whitney who is a teacher and has posted before about "how to dress up a t-shirt" at work.  since i never wear t-shirts on the weekends {i dress much like i do during the week, just in jeans instead of skirts} i'm glad i was able to get some wear out of this t-shirt since i'll probably just start wearing it to bed after baseball season is over!

have you donned a baseball t-shirts to work yet this season?

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