27 April 2012


mossimo scoop neck sweater {thrifted target stock}   haberdashery blazer {thrifted}
semantiks skirt {thrifted}   mossimo wanda wedges   target belt {thrifted target stock}

three cheers for when an outfit comes together & you feel awesome all day.  am i right!  i love my printed & handmade skirts but there is also something that is so streamlined about classic-cut skirts in neutral colors and colors that pair well together.  i only wore this blazer outside as a light layer against the chilly temps this morning {and as i ran into target this afternoon to buy this dress in the blue print!}, but i loved how the blues played together and had to snap a shot of the whole ensemble.

thank you so much for dropping by this week and supporting my lil blog, have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. You look great. I want a khaki pencil skirt in the worst way! I've been looking for 2 yrs now!