28 April 2012

week in review

{april 23-27}

i had a really exhausting week this week; i feel like i always say that and then i wonder, what did i do that was so exhausting?  i'm not doing manual labor and i'm not on my feet all day {when i worked retail - now that was exhausting!} but i'm constantly thinking & that emotional exhaustion catches up with me by friday and i feel like i've been hit by a train.  it takes a lot of mental stamina to work with the problems & concerns presented to me by my clients while all the while trying to support their strengths... not to mention all the paperwork & charting.  some days i feel like i spend eight hours writing SOAP notes.  so by the end of the week, it's no wonder i feel so worn out.  

i tell you though, it definitely helps when i feel comfortable in what i'm wearing and i'm so glad i ended this week on a high note - friday's outfit is one of my all-time favorites.  i think i need to dress more like that during the week and maybe save outfits like tuesday's and thursday's (more casual capris and printed or colored skirts) for fridays when i tend to never schedule home visits.  what a great learning experience and opportunity for growth this lil blog is for me.  thanks for helping me out with that!

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