02 May 2012

wednesday (rut)

handmade (by me) blouse   merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}
mossimo slacks {thrifted}   js by jessica oscar pumps {thrifted}

i didn't really mean to take the first half of the week off from blogging, but i have been in a... what shall we say... a RUT.  the changing weather in minnesota this week has left me less than inspired in my closet.  i love skirts but i feel more comfortable in tights and let's be real, i hate having to shave my legs so frequently, so i've relegated myself to wearing pants and my outfits just haven't come together quite as easily.  the warmer temps also = humidity, and before i even step out the door my hair is frizzy and it ends up in a  messy ponytail {this picture is from yesterday when it was a bit cooler & kept a decent curl most of the day.  you don't want to know what my hair looked like today!}.  all of these things combined have just put me in a rut.  does anyone else out there experience the same frustrations?  the transition from winter -> spring/summer always takes me a little getting used to, so hopefully i'll find a way to work with my closet and the temps outside.  in the meantime, thanks for bearing with me - and feel free to let me know any suggestions you have!

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