26 May 2012

may 21-25 {week in review}

i really liked some of the outfits i put together this week and like doing these weekly recaps to see them all side by side.  i also really liked the outfit i wore on friday so i figured i would post this week's recap.  you can click the picture to see it a little bigger for more detail.  i hope everyone is enjoying their weekends!  i'm off on monday {i'll be at the goodwill bright & early as the entire store will be 50% off} so i'll be back on tuesday unless i snag some good deals at the GW that i want to share.  i've been bit by the ebay bug though and have spent a little more money on the two items i've purchased there in the past week than i usually do on the rest of my clothes that i usually thrift, so i might put myself on a budget for my GW run.  i'm excited about the skirts i've gotten off ebay though:

i also bought a handful of fabric at joann's yesterday and am itching to do more sewing.  hopefully i can fit that in this weekend too!

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