07 May 2012


mossimo crewneck sweater   mossimo flare chambray pants {thrifted target stock}
target necklace   lela rose for payless charson pumps
this is the type of outfit i wish i had put together last week when i was in such a rut.  great fitting slacks, fun heels, a solid colored top, and a statement necklace.  it is a simple enough combination that worked really well for me a couple fridays ago, just substitute the pants for skirt.  i'm starting to think that when you're uninspired in front of your closet it doesn't mean you need to head to the mall to buy something new to be excited about--it means you need to figure out what your uniform is and what combination of tops & bottoms & accessories works for you time after time.  i think this is definitely one of mine!

after work, i headed to target to buy this purse that i've been stalking for the past couple weeks.  i knew it would go on sale 2-3 weeks after i saw it pop up in store - everything at target always does, so it always pays to wait.  during that time, you can decide if it's an item you really just want vs something you've realized that you need or fills a hole in your closet.  i have such a hard time finding purses that work for me - it has to be roomy enough to fit my dslr, a colorful/light inside, and a flat bottom that keeps the bag open or a bag that keeps it's shape so it's easier to grab what i'm looking for.  i like that this one also has handles & a longer strap, so i think it ended up being a really good purchase. plus, i put a couple gift cards towards it and only paid a couple dollars out of pocket for it!
i'm a little disappointed in myself with how much money i spent in the month of april and how little self-control i had to stick to any semblance of a budget, so i'm proud with the thought that i'm putting into my purchases so far this month.  these slacks were a find at the GW yesterday, and for $4.99 i think they were a wise purchase.  the dark navy/chambray fabric has a slight sheen to it will be a nice alternative to the standard black slacks that i wear so often.  thanks for visiting & listening!

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