17 May 2012


merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   gap button-down {thrifted}
banana republic skirt {thrifted}   merona mozelle peep toe flats {thrifted}
i wasn't really crazy about this outfit because, well, i wear this button-up and cardigan together all the time (yep), but i really liked the way it looked as a whole.  when i walked into my office this morning, my coworker complimented these shoes i thrifted last week and said, "you must have like, 32 pairs of shoes!"  after i accepted this awkward compliment (?) by stating that these shoes were only $5 at savers, i had to meekly add, "i think i have way more than 32 pairs of shoes."  is it okay to have a lot of something if you paid very little for each item that you have?  that is the question that is always in the back of my mind with all of the thrifting i do and clothes (and shoes, yes - 17 pairs so far this year) that i bring into my closet.  do i keep spending however much money on varying shades of the same cardigan, or do i save that money and put it towards a unique piece, like a great j crew pencil skirt?   don't worry - i don't expect anyone out there to answer these questions for me, it's just interesting how my mind starts thinking about these things after a relatively innocent compliment from a coworker.

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