18 June 2012


express oxford {thrifted}   isaac mizrahi for target skirt {thrifted}
merona mari pumps {thrifted target stock}

as i put this outfit on this morning i realized that i certainly don't shy away from wearing very similar versins of the same outfit.  i figure it's unlikely that people who i encounter on a daily basis have that much awareness of what i wear to know that i wore this same skirt and a very similar belt two weeks ago.  i'm not sure if any of my readers would pick up on that either, especially if you follow as many blogs as i do!  it kind of makes me go, "huh..." when i read that bloggers don't like to post similar or repeat outfits.  i'm not sure why we would ever need to put that pressure on ourselves.  for me, this blog is a representation of the outfits that i feel great in and a realistic portrayal of my professional wardrobe, so it's natural that staple pieces like this navy skirt are going to get worn 1-2 times a month.  you'll probably see it again in a few weeks!
do you leave outfits unblogged if you feel you are wearing an item too soon after having just worn it?  did anyone remember that i wore this same skirt and a tan colored belt last week, and if so - do you care?  :)  now i'm kind of curious!

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