17 July 2012

tuesday {perception}

merona cardigan   handmade (by me) skirt
shoes that i didn't really wear (via amazon)

do you notice anything different about me today?  {pause}  my hair!  it did pretty much look like this all day long so i was surprised that no one noticed i'd gotten a haircut.  not that i need others to acknowledge aspects of my personal appearance, but it's so short!  it got me to thinking by the end of the day that if people who i see every day didn't notice that i'd gotten my hair cut then maybe no one really takes notice when i wear crazy printed skirts, bright yellow shoes, or polka dot skirts either.  so maybe i shouldn't be so cautious about how other people will perceive me when really, i don't think the people i encounter on a daily basis are as perceptive as i might assume them to be.  would you agree?

i bought these shoes during a recent amazon order to qualify for free shipping and despite how cute they are, they are so narrow.  if only i'd known to size up.  i'm hoping i'm still within the window to return them & the soles aren't too scuffed up from trying to wear them around the house.  have a great evening!

1 comment:

  1. Love the hair, Heidi. I can't believe no one noticed it!