15 July 2012

week in review {july 9-13}

thanks for hanging out with me this week, your comments and feedback mean so much!  i think tuesday was my favorite look so far this week... if i wear white blouses paired with skirts a lot it's because the look always works for me and i always feel confident!  speaking of which, i had a guest post up at my friend whitney's blog yesterday again featuring this tried & true outfit combination.  i hope you'll visit me over there this weekend!

you can also keep up with these week in review pictures of what i wear to work right here!


  1. very cool!!!
    enjoy this week

  2. Hi!

    I found your blog through Whitney's blog and I live you sense of style!!! I'm an elementary school teacher and your style is both functional and cute! Where do you purchase your skirts and belts? I love all your combos and I plan to be a follow of your blog! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)