11 July 2012


jason wu for target blouse {thrifted target stock}  ·  handmade (by me) skirt
mossimo wanda wedges  ·  target {thrifted target stock}
i know a lot of you guys compliment the simple skirts i make all the time (thank you!) but if you only knew what goes through my mind when i am looking at fabric.  not much!  if it's a print and color i like, i'll usually throw it in the cart and forget to even look at the fabric content or laundering instructions.  that was the case for this fabric, which i'm pretty sure is home decor fabric... it has held up nicely through several wears & washings though and i love that i could find another shade of blue to pull out of the print by wearing this jason wu blouse.  it was hard, but i also decided to accessorize with a color other than yellow!
my week has been a doosey so far, how about yours?  i have so much going on with so many of my clients, but it makes me feel as though i'm a needed support in their lives.  sometimes it's hard to measure my effectiveness though.  my coworker is hosting a happy hour tomorrow afternoon and it couldn't come at a better time.  hopefully it will be relaxing.  have a great evening!

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