13 August 2012

monday {three things}

i liked the outfit i wore today but i just don't really feel like posting about it or talking about it.  do you have days like that?  but i love this lil' blog of mine and interacting with you guys so i thought it might be fun to post a couple random things that came into my head today.  the theme seems to be music & work!
https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/?ui=2&ik=64b07683a2&view=att&th=139209a797a80924&attid=0.1&disp=inline&realattid=c8ba6f2733c36b4d_0.1&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_V5Eb_9RIpq0j5q6Cul4p7&sadet=1344898199132&sads=WHxkTUSx8Ch0hpTx3T8l6sD9yX4&sadssc=1>> the most interesting item on my desk at work is a foul ball from a twins baseball game that i caught with one hand {i was holding a ginormous drink in my other hand} after it was thrown in my direction from the twins third baseman who was waiting for his turn to bat.  we were sitting in the first row behind the twins dugout {amazing tickets from my sister's job... we might be at another game in those seats tomorrow night!} and i still amaze myself at my spontaneous, successful hand-eye coordination.  what's the most interesting item on your desk at work?
>> i listen to of monsters & men's "my head is an animal" on repeat nearly all day long when i'm alone in my office.  i've found it to be the perfect background music. i think i played it through 5 times today.  i also like listening to my coworker's classical cds if i am making a lot of phones calls and random top 40 pop radio stations on itunes during that mid-afternoon slump when i need to try to be productive before quitting time.  do you listen to music during the workday?
>> speaking of music, in the 6 disc cd changer in my car i currently have fun.'s "some nights" and "aim & ignite," the rocket summer's "life will write the words" and "do you feel" and foster the people's "torches."  the sixth slot is still open.  i am nothing if not loyal to certain bands and i literally listen to the same album over & over & over... and over & over for months until a new album comes out from one of my favorite bands that might take its place for a while.  my commute is so monotonous but for some reason i don't mind that my musical choices day after day is as well.  what cd is currently in your car's cd player?

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