14 August 2012

tuesday {targeted}

merona dress {thrifted target stock}   ·   gap cardigan {thrifted}
merona mittie cap-toe flats {thrifted target stock}

targeted / i picked up this dress at the goodwill on sunday for $4.99.  i think there were about twenty of them on one of the dress racks.  does anybody want one?  haha.  maybe more were shipped to the nearby target than they could ever possibly sell.  you know me and how much i love dresses with sleeves and that hit at the perfect length, so it didn't take much thought to throw this one in my basket!  same with these cute flats that i found at a different GW.

the other item that caught my eye at the GW sunday that i did not  purchase were these via spiga kelis oxford heels, priced at $24.99.  if they were the color tag that was on sale this week{making them half off} i likely would have purchased them.  i'd never heard of via spiga before but loved the light lavender hue, brown cap toe, and interesting oxford style.  aren't these a lovely pair of shoes?  does anyone know anything about via spiga other than whoa man, all of their {her?  his?} shoes are over $200 apiece?

do you ever have buyer's remorse when you walk away from an item that's a well-known or high fashion brand because it's set at a price you're still not quite willing to pay, even if it's still a good deal?  i kind of felt that way about a pair of j crew juliet heels i saw at a consignment store earlier this year.  these shoes may have been an eighth of their original retail price, but i have a hard time spending $25 on anything, much less something from the GW.  i'm sure i'll forget about these lovelies after a while but right now i'm feeling that ping just a tiny bit.

the other questions i think about related to thrifting & brand names include: do you ever purchase something based on the brand even though it's ill-fitting?  and do you ever purchase something because of the brand name even though you wouldn't have given it a second glance if it were a different brand?  i have definitely fallen victim to both, but that might be another post for another day.  thanks for reading!

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