16 August 2012


merona button-down & merona skirt {both thrifted}
dexter kylie wedges
this is becoming one of my new favorite professional looks - a printed pencil skirt, a solid button-down, and a statement necklace.  well, maybe i've only worn it one or two other times recently but i think it's a great combination of items that work well together.  it doesn't require much thought or effort but hopefully it doesn't come across that way.
it was so chilly this morning i had to keep my sleeves rolled down... and i think i would have been comfortable wearing tights and a coat.  i love these beautiful, cool days as the sign of what is to come.  now if it will only stay this cool for the great minnesota get together (ie: the minnesota state fair for the non-locals.  it's always unbearably hot!).  thanks for dropping by!

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