20 August 2012

monday {three things: three c's}

for my "three things" post today i want to talk about three things that keep me feeling comfortable, confident, and clean.  they may seem like no-brainers, but i use each of these things nearly every day!

1) baby powder: i like to sprinkle baby powder inside my shoes and on my feet in the morning--maybe it's just me {or maybe it's not just me but this is something we fashion bloggers don't like to talk about!} but my feet tend to get sweaty & sticky in the summer.  baby powder coats my feet and allows them to slide into my heels or flats easier so my feet don't stick and helps to absorb sweat during the day and keep my feet a little fresher.  do you ever use baby powder for this purpose?

2) slips: i wear a slip every time i wear a dress or skirt unless one is already built in.  for me, they provide an added layer of protection against static cling, gusts of wind, or slightly see-through fabrics and help me to feel more confident when i wear skirts and dresses.  i definitely swear by them, especially in the winter when i wear tights so the inside of my skirts don't cling against the material of the tights.  do you wear slips?

3) baby wipes:  i know, another item from the baby aisle?  hear me out:  i think baby wipes are quite the inventive product as they have so many different purposes, even if you're not a mom.  i use them to wipe down the inside and outsides of my shoes to remove any dirt {or baby powder remains!} to keep them in good condition.  they're also pretty handy for lazy ladies like me to remove make-up at night.  do you have any other uses for baby wipes--that is, aside from cleaning a baby's bottom?

wipes   ·   baby powder   ·   slip 
{these products can be purchased virtually anywhere, 
but these virtual images were lifted from target.com so i'm simply linking back!}

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