19 August 2012

sunday {stuff}

too. much. stuff / by the end of the week it's amazing what amasses on top of the two bookshelves that sit side by side in my room.  ideally i'd love to have a vase of fresh flowers and some sort of vignette here of books or trinkets, but no. instead there is just a pile of stuff {papers, lint roller, watch, checkbook, measuring tape, camera remote, a spare key to my car that has been waiting to be programmed for a month...}, surveys on receipts to fill out for free shakes or cookies {okay, this is always worth it, i just have to be in the right mood to fill out silly restaurant surveys}, goodwill tags {i think these are all from this past week?}  oh my. if i do one thing this weekend it will be completely cleaning off the tops of these bookcases. sometimes when i visit other people's houses that look like magazine spreads i wonder, WHERE IS ALL YOUR STUFF? where do you keep your mail, your phone charger cords, your receipts? or maybe i'm just a really slobby person who doesn't have a system in place to corral all of my clutter. 

lately i've been overwhelmed by the stuff that collects and frustrated that i don't make a better effort to keep it contained during the week.  it's not at all surprising that my closet is starting to feel this way too.  i think i need to exfoliate and make a goal to start with this small space in my room and make it appeal to me the way that i want it to.  i think i owe it to myself, and by writing it down here i'm more apt to follow-through.  do you face similar situations?  any other tips?

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