05 August 2012

the man of my dreams {book review}

the man of my dreams by curtis sittenfeld / you may assume by the title of this book that it is chick-lit or a cheesy romance, but it is far from either.  the story follows the growth of a teenager named hannah through high school, college, and into her working years as she seeks to find the answer to why love and friendships don't come as easily to her as they do her peers.  there were many passages within this book that i felt could have been pages out of my own life.  i love when i experience that feeling in books, when i'm left with emotions i didn't even know that i needed to feel.  it's universal - the feeling of wanting to be accepted, struggling to find your way, and navigating awkwardly through romance.  i think i enjoyed this book so much because i identified so much with the main character - i was rooting for her throughout, silently and eagerly, as each page was flipped until the very end.  curtis sittenfield is such a gifted author; her writing, phrasing, and the structure of her dialogue is so enthralling.  if you appreciate solid writing and unique and well-developed characters whose lives play out in a very realistic way, i would suggest you check out this book!

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