09 August 2012

thursday {scootin'}

calvin klein skirt {thrifted}   ·   gap blouse {thrifted}
old navy blazer {thrifted}   ·   dexter kylie wedges

scootin' / just a quick little post from me as i scoot out the door this morning to meet with a client.  i wanted to appear a little more professional as another person involved in my client's care is also going to be at the meeting.  enter: pencil skirt and blazer.  i've definitely worn a combination of this outfit before {this blouse with a different navy skirt & different shoes}, but i liked how it came together this morning so i'm not questioning it and i'm sticking with it.  as i was trying to figure out what to wear this morning, i realized that there are a number of things i haven't worn in a while and i ought to take some time and put together some creative outfits.  i wonder if it's the way my closet is arranged that leads me to always reach for the same things...?  have a great day!

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