08 August 2012

the night circus {book review}

The Night Circusthe night circus by erin morgenstern / after seeing a couple {one / two} reviews for this book and taking in the whimsical nature of the cover {yes, i judge!}, my curiosity and interest was piqued and i knew i had to read it.  i tried finding an inexpensive copy on ebay and even considered using a coupon from target.com on a copy at target.  but i was rewarded even more frugally by finding a hard copy at the goodwill for $2.99.  done.  the deal was sealed.  after i finished the man of my dreams, i dove right in. 

i'm not at all surprised that i enjoyed this book just as much as the reviews i read of it.  the two adjectives i would use to describe this book are intriguing & interesting.  i am really attracted to books that are structured in an unique way - this one divided itself between a couple different views that came together so effortlessly.  i was never hoping for the attention to come back to a certain character or storyline because i knew i was getting one more hint at how the story was eventually going to come together.  it was one of those books that i knew i was going to finish quickly and then regret... as much as i love to read, you're not always left with a whole lot when the story is completed except a pinging sadness that it's over.  does anyone else get that sensation after finishing a particularly wonderful book?  the enjoyment is in the meat of the book, getting to know the characters, anticipating what will happen next, and relishing great writing.  with that being said, i loved every moment i was within this book.

this narrative is pretty vague, so i will give a brief summary:  the setting is the circus, a dreamlike place where illusion and mystery is around every corner and within every member.  celia & marco are two magicians/illusionists who were bound together by their handlers when they were both very young to compete with their skill and talent, using the circus as their venue, until an obvious victor emerges.  well, can you guess what emerges first?  love!  that is all that i am going to say.

if you have read this book, please leave me a comment {give warning if you are going to give away anything that resembles a spoiler} as i would love to gush about it with someone else!

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