07 August 2012

tuesday {rebellious}

the limited skirt {thrifted}   ·   old navy perfect cardigan  
thrifted necklace   ·   merona milena wedges {thrifted target stock}
rebellious / the heavier, tweed-like texture of this skirt gave me pause for a moment, thinking that it might only be appropriate to wear in the fall or winter, but i'm breaking it out a few months early!  let's all be rebels with our seasonal clothes, shall we?  lately the temps inside have been tolerable enough to wear longer sleeves or heavier fabrics and i can get away with it on days like today when i do not have any appointments or home visits scheduled outside the building where i'd be running back & forth to my car and to my office building.  i don't normally gravitate towards black & white prints, but i liked the unique texture of this skirt and for a few dollars at the GW it was worth trying something a little different.  are there any fabrics that you only wear during certain parts of the year?  i have a mustard colored corduroy skirt that i didn't wear at all last year because it just didn't feel right to wear in the summer and soon enough fall and winter passed by too.  i'll have to remember to wear it during an early fall day.  thanks for visiting!

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