22 August 2012

wednesday {calm}

gap button-down {thrifted}   ·   old navy perfect cardigan
isaac mizrahi for target skirt {thrifted}   ·   dexter kylie wedges

calm / please excuse my frizzy hair {late afternoon downpour} and the weird skeleton-looking imprint of my hand in my pocket, is that creepy or what?  are my hands that bony?  this is real life in my world and it doesn't always seem that stylish - this is usually what i look like by the end of the day, a little frazzled.  usually i blame it on the weather though and not my work, although that is stressful too.  no matter what i may look like on the outside i always try to project calmness and patience from the inside.  i have a handful of clients on my caseload right now who are really trying my skills and a big focus in recent months has been in not allowing myself to perseverate on a problem someone might be dealing with and end up getting just as worked up about it as they are.  it's hard when i become so invested in the success and health of my clients that i tend to want to fix every problem because i have the power, connections, resources.  but if i come across as level-headed and neutral it helps to deescalate intense emotions and my clients can more easily see the steps to take to advocate for themselves or reach a goal.  i bet teachers might agree with this too and not just those like me in social services.

one of the best compliments i've received lately was from my former boss who said that i have a "calming & reassuring presence" and that she's looking to use that strength of mine during a very large gathering our building is hosting tomorrow by helping her manage a large number of volunteers.   i think it's a good reminder that our clothing choices are only a fraction of what others perceive about us--a great pair of heels or skirt may give me extra confidence in the way i present myself to people, but it's great that those closest to me in my work environment have picked up on other strengths i have too, not just my ability to put together a cute outfit {okay, that's debatable some days!}.  thanks for dropping by and listening to my late-night ramblings, i appreciate your visits so much!

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