25 August 2012

week in review

week in review / i haven't recapped my work outfits in a while and posting has been a little light this week so i thought i would post a week in review post today.  thursday's outfit was a repeat with just a different necklace, but some days that happens when the original outfit i have in mind doesn't pan out and i need to quickly find a substitute.  i know i can always fall back on that skirt to pull me through any type of day, and thursday was a 12 hour day so i needed that!  because of my long work hours on thursday i was still half-asleep on friday so i went the easy route with a simple printed jersey dress, flats, and a little wrap jacket {i love this jacket!} to tie it all together.  i hope you all enjoy relaxing weekends - i know i need it after this week!

check out what i've worn to work the past 33 weeks of 2012 right here or click the "weeks in review" link at the top of the page.  thanks for visiting!

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