27 August 2012

monday {three things: binders}

for my "three things" today i want to talk about three specific ways i use binders and plastic sheet protectors as organizational tools:

car binder / my dad is really knowledgeable about cars but since he lives over a thousand miles away i can't rely on him to tell me when to get my oil changed or when i last got my tires rotated and balanced.  this binder helps me to take more initiative in keeping my car in good repair.  included in it is the bill of sale, insurance policy, receipts for supplies that i've bought with the date {ex: the cabin air filter model and when it was replaced}, or maintenance/service that has been done.  my dad gave me a list of recommended maintenance schedules, and i have that right in the front with business cards of my go-to shops and any coupons i've come across that are good to hang on to.  speaking of coupons...

coupon binder / this is my favorite.  you guys know i am a big couponer, right?  there are many ways to coupon and keep your coupons organized and this is what works best for me. each type of food is in its own compartment in the plastic sheet.  in the front i have all of my target coupons and any match-ups.  i usually go through it with the advertisements when i am planning a shopping trip and pull out any coupons i want to use or think i'll use, but sometimes i bring the entire binder with me to the store in case i see something that is a good deal that i might also have a coupon for.  i also have a small accordion-style coupon organizer from the $1 section at target that i carry with me at all times where i keep coupons to joann's, restaurants, target apparel coupons, or other random coupons i come across that i may end up using before they expire.

recipe binder / i had been comparing prices for sheet protectors on amazon for a while so i could make a recipe binder for recipes we tear out of magazines we subscribe to or that i print from online.  sheet protectors are expensive so i was thrilled when i found this entire binder full for just $1.99 at the goodwill.  it is a great system.  i have it organized by meal/entree and the recipe stays nice & clean in the sheet protector when cooking - i actually like to take the plastic page out of the binder and tape it on the front of a cabinet so both my sister and i can easily glance at it when we're cooking.  this is the best way so far that i've come up with to keep printed recipes and recipes from magazines organized and for me it's fun to flip through when i'm trying to dream up ideas for dinner!

do you have similar binders or could you see yourself using any of these binders in your own life to keep organized?  if you have any questions about how i use any of these binders or have ideas of your own i'd love to hear!

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