28 August 2012

tuesday {predictable}

united colors of benneton button-down {thrifted}   ·    handmade (by me) skirt
merona mari pumps {thrifted target stock}  ·   forever 21 necklace

predictable / i have a one track mind when putting together outfits sometimes.  i tried to force myself not to wear my cognac leather belt and heels of the same shade (a la this outfit) and wear a different colored belt and different shoes but it was not happening today.  i'm not sure whether or not to apologize for wearing the same silhouette over & over or to feel comfortable with the fact that i've found a formula that appeals to me aesthetically.  do you ever have to force yourself to be creative {i definitely have it in me!} so you don't feel so predictable? 

i whipped up this skirt over the weekend, it came together so fast and i'm really looking forward to wearing it again sometime soon with a different color scheme.  thanks for visiting!

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