29 August 2012


merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   ·   handmade (by me) skirt
merona mattie cap-toe flats   ·   forever 21 belt

disappointment / today i wanted to wear another skirt i recently made from the same pattern as this one but it turns out it is too big.  this one turned out so well, so it's a little disappointing to have put all that work into cutting out the pattern pieces and doing the sewing and mailing it to my mom to finish just to find out that it doesn't fit.  i know where i erred, but there isn't much i can do now other than cinch it in at the waist with a belt.  so for now i'm wearing this one that turned out perfectly.  i'm wondering for any sewers out there how you bounce back from projects gone wrong knowing how much work you put into it, especially if there isn't a way to fix it?

also, thank you so much to my trickle of new followers lately, i have definitely noticed and it means so much to me.  it's pretty crazy that i am nearing 100 followers {could it happen today?!} and i would love to do something nice for you when i do reach that mark.  thank you so much for visiting!

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