29 September 2012

liebser award Q&A

one of my new readers mary at style that moves recently nominated me for the liebster award, so i thought i would recognize that in a post today and extend my gratitude towards her!  she has given me 11 questions to answer, so i thought it might kind of be a fun post for the weekend to answer her questions!  thanks again, mary!

1. would you rather see a baby rhino or a toddler rhino?
i think i'd go for a baby rhino, baby animals are so cute.

2. how do you feel about hedgehogs?
okay, don't send me back to school or anything but i'm not even sure if i know what a hedgehog looks like.  so, i would say my feelings are pretty neutral.
3. what did you want to be when you grew up?
i really had no strong desire towards any occupation as i was growing up.  i think i idealistically wanted to be a writer or an author but that was not something that i ever worked at or focused on.  

4. what was your favorite subject in school?
english/literature classes, hence maybe why i thought i wanted to be a writer.  although i will say that i kicked butt in a biology class my junior year of college that i'm still really proud of.

5. would you rather hang out with a monkey or a parrot?
probably a parrot.
6. what is your favorite article of clothing?
easy - my j crew abstract lattice print skirt that i thrifted for $2.50 a year ago!  see all the ways i've worn it here!

7. what is your favorite vegetable?
kale & zucchini.

8. why did you start blogging?
wow, this could turn into a post of its own but i'll try to answer in a few statements.  i started out by reading style blogs and kept up my reader/lurker status for a long time.  i never thought about starting my own blog because i was in grad school and at the time and style/fashion wasn't something i thought about to the extent that i do now.  i gradually became more interested in fashion from reading blogs {i think my mind was blown the first time i saw someone belt a scarf... speaking of which, why don't many bloggers belt scarves anymore?}.  anyway, reading blogs prompted to me start taking my own daily outfit pictures that i studied to see what outfits i liked, what worked, what didn't, etc.  finally, i put the two together when i felt that i'd developed some semblance of a personal style and wanted to see how i could translate that into dressing professionally when i started my first real job out of grad school.  there you have it!

9. on which pinterest board do you have the most pins?
i am not a big pinner at all {funny, i actually just talked about this on wednesday}, so don't laugh but my most pinned board is my inspiration board with a whoppin' 21 pins.

10. who is your favorite singer/band?
hanson & the rocket summer, they will always be #1 and #2.  i've seen hanson 27 times in concert and the rocket summer 18 times (that's waned in recent years since i no longer live in a geographic area where it's easy to travel to a lot of shows!).

< -- geek alert, here is a picture of me and hanson from a meet & greet before one of their concerts in 2003.  i can't believe that was almost ten years ago!

11. name a guilty pleasure.
i don't really ever feel guilty about anything that i love to do, but chocolate milkshakes are my weakness and definitely something i like to splurge on once in a while (and try not to feel too guilty about!).  i also love reading stories on fictionpress.com, this has become a major new addiction in recent weeks.

thanks for indulging me with this Q&A!

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